Wyckes Pedic Hybrid Half Gel Memory Foam Half Pocket Coils

Available set pieces

8690F Full Mattress 75"L x 54"W  
8690FS Full Mattress Set, Mattress & Foundation (+$150.00) 
8690Q Queen Mattress 80"L x 60"W (+$849.99) 
8690QMS Queen Mattress Set, Mattress & Foundation (+$999.99) 
Eastern King  
8690EKMO Eastern King Mattress 80"L x 76"W (+$1,199.99) 
8690EKMS Eastern King Set, Mattress & Foundation (+$1,399.99) 
California King  
8690CKMO California King Mattress 84"L x 72"W (+$1,199.99) 
8690CKMS California King Set, Mattress & Foundation (+$1,399.99) 
Sale Price:$749.99
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Wyckes Pedic Hybrid half gel memory foam half spring coils brings the newest technology with unmatched comfort, support and value.  Quad coil technology overcomes coil shifting and deformation while providing unparalleled support, outstanding comfort, and motion seperation unmatched by any other sleep system on the market.  Gel infused memory foam cools the sleeping surface, while creating the most conforming sleeping experience on the market today.  

Made in the U.S.A.
Gel infused visco elastic foam
1,344 coil count density
Quad coil technology
Foam encased edge support

Part # Name Description Price
8680F Full Mattress 75"L x 54"W $749.99
8680FS Full Mattress Set Mattress & Foundation $899.99
8680Q Queen Mattress 80"L x 60"W $849.99
8680QMS Queen Mattress Set Mattress & Foundation $999.99
8680EKMO Eastern King Mattress 80"L x 76"W $1,199.99
8680EKMS Eastern King Set Mattress & Foundation $1,399.99
8680CKMO California King Mattress 84"L x 72"W $1,199.99
8680CKMS California King Set Mattress & Foundation $1,399.99

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